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THANK YOU for visiting my website.

I have been your Symmes Township Trustee for the past 16 years and am running for re-election on November 2nd, 2021. I need your support and vote to continue to represent you in local matters. I am not a career politician but a retired engineer with a desire and commitment to be your public servant.

I strongly believe in the “Golden Rule – Treat others as you would like to be treated” and am greatly troubled by the lack of respect permeating our society today. If re-elected, I promise to continue to represent ALL RESIDENTS fairly, prioritize safety, plan for the long term, and spend your tax dollars conservatively.

My focus over the years has been to save money wherever and whenever I can. We have reduced taxes when possible, increased alternative funding through grants, matching funds and business sponsorships, and implemented gas and electricity aggregation all while maintaining our quality police, fire, EMS, and township road and park services.

    Why I Am Runnit For Trustee
    What Have I Done As Trustee
    Why You Should Vote For Me
    Why I Am Running For Trustee

    I am a 31 year resident of Symmes Township and am passionate about living here and acting as a steward of the township’s tremendous resources. Upon my retirement from GE Aircraft Engine Group, I wanted to provide our community with the benefit of my business experience, leadership skills and professionalism.  After 16 years of service as Symmes Township trustee, I still feel that I am the best candidate to continue to serve.

    I have been involved in the planning of several new and re-energized projects scheduled to be completed within the next election cycle.  I would like to see them through to completion.

    New and Re-energized Projects: 

    • Beautifying township entrances and medians throughout the township.
    • Upgrading our parks and park equipment.
    • Installing additional “pre-emption devices” in congested areas to improve Police, Fire and EMS response times.
    • Bringing in more jobs and investments by businesses through controlled redevelopment of existing commercial areas.
    • Completion of the Union-Cemetery Road phase II sidewalks.
    • Completion of Hopewell Road Phase II sidewalks including ODOT bridge replacement over I275 with Symmes Township signage scheduled for 2024.
    • Snider Road bridge replacement over I71 by ODOT with Symmes Township signage scheduled for 2023.
    • Fields-Ertel Road widening from Snider Road to I71 by Hamilton County/Warren County in 2024 with sidewalks on the South side for Symmes residents.
    • Installing additional “SAFE” crosswalks in areas of high risk..

    What have I done as a Trustee?

    • Directly saved taxpayers more than $5 million.
      • Saved $1.1 million by renegotiating a park land purchase.
        Later saved $0.9 million by park bond refinancing.
        Saved $3.1 million by implementing utility aggregation
    • Expanded and improved the Township Park System.
      • 2007 added Blong Memorial Park
        2009 added Meade Historic Preserve
        2012 added Home of the Brave Park
        Completed Home of the Brave Phase II development.
        Increased family centered Events, Exhibits and Activities.
        Improved, maintained and refurbished the Township system of trails,
        exercise and play equipment.
        Improved park hygienic maintenance to fight the Covid-19 pandemic while
        park usage increased over 80%.
    • Secured Grants, Sponsorships and alternate funding sources.
      • Received $300,000 biennial State Grant for Home of the Brave Phase II
        Exceeded $1.1 million in grants for sidewalks throughout the township
        Applied $40,000 ODNR grant to trail paving and book walk in Meade
        Historic Preserve
        Received local business grants for “Yoga in the Park” and recycling and
        sustainable environmental programs
        Constructed Union Cemetery Sidewalks through TIF alternate funding
        Replaced necessary Police cruisers and Fire equipment through TIF funding
    • Improved safety and infrastructure.
      • Added sidewalks for safety and connectivity of neighborhoods to parks,
        schools and libraries.
        Added water supply “looping” for improved fire safety in Camp Dennison.
        Improved Fire service insurance rating from ISO 2 to ISO1 resulting in lower
        rates for several businesses and residences, dependent on individual
        carriers and distance from fire stations.
        Installed traffic signal “pre-emption” devices to improve police, fire and
        EMS response times.
    • Increased Jobs and Investments in the Township.
      • Brought 1600+ jobs and $35M in investments to the Township.
        200 more jobs and $24M in investments are planned.
    • Planned for the long term.
      • Implemented the first Township Master Plan (currently being updated)
        Published the 16-year cycle Road Re-Surfacing Plan in 2006 and updated it
        Currently working on a long term Park Master Plan.
        Periodically updated the Township Land Use Plan with public input through
        scheduled “Public Hearings”.
    • Reduced taxes when possible.
      • Reduced the Park Levy from 1.85 to 1.2 to 1.0 mils between 1998 and 2009
        Reduced the Road and Sidewalk Levy from 1.3 to 0.9 mils in 2006.
    • Balanced the Township budget annually.
    • Provided excellent road refurbishment, sidewalk maintenance and snow plowing.
    • Provided exceptional Police, Fire and EMS through cost effective contracted
    • Contracted for Bi-weekly curbside recycling at no additional cost to residents.
    • Maintained 3 Township Cemeteries with a Columbarium and scattering gardens.
    What Have I Done As Trustee
    Why You Should Vote For Me

    Ken BRYANT

    has experience that counts!

    Qualifications …

    • 16 Years as Symmes Trustee
    • 6 Years Board President
    • 8 Years Board Vice President
    • 1 Year Interim Administrator
    • 35 Years in Business and Industry
    • Grad. Engineer with Mgt. Experience
    • Detail Oriented, Fact Driven, Organized
    • Ohio Twp. Leadership Academy Graduate